2022 schedule

The following is the Official Flight DCA schedule for greeting at DCA Reagan National Airport! More flights or flight details may be added to this page throughout the year. This page will always be up-to-date.

**Unless specifically stated otherwise, the following flight listings arrive and depart from DCA Reagan National Airport in Arlington, VA. Arrival and departure are on the same day, via the same airlines, and therefore, arrive and depart in the same Reagan National Airport terminal. Follow DCA maps to Terminal A for Sun Country Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Air Canada, and Frontier Airlines.
Follow DCA maps to Terminal B for Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Delta Airlines, select American Airlines
Follow DCA maps to Terminal C for select American Airlines, select JetBlue

For BWI Honor Flights, please contact their volunteers at ganderson@qis.net or their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/honorflightbwi/

For IAD Honor Flights, contact their volunteers at heroeswelcomeiad@gmail.com or their website https://heroeswelcomeiad.com/

ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD = Estimated Time of Departure
TBD = To Be Determined


  • GROUP: 80 veterans from Southeast Florida Honor Flight (PBI)
  • ARRIVAL: 8:00AM DCA AA Terminal B/C
    • World War II Memorial: tbd
    • Korean Memorial: tbd
  • 4 Atlantic buses
  • DEPARTURE: Return to DCA 3:30pm for 5:00 departure AA Terminal B/C


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