2019 Honor Flight Missions by state

In order to give civic groups a better focus on Honor Flight missions of interest on a particular state, we’ve included a link to a “Honor Flight Missions by State” document.  This document is organized by state, regional hub, and arrival date in the Washington DC area.  The document includes the hub name, general hub information, arrival and departure airports, arrival and departure date and time, and memorial arrival and departure dates and times.

click here to view Honor Flight missions by state

HF DCA will update the report, typically on a weekly basis.  The memorial arrival and departure times are provided by the sponsoring Honor Flight Hub on the National Honor Flight Schedule.  Actual times may vary due to local traffic, airline delays or other bumps in the road of life.  We currently do not have a method of providing real-time updates.  We appreciate your understanding.  For more current schedule information, please contact the sponsoring hub or the Washington DC Ground Crews:

(DCA) https://honorflightdca.com/schedule/

(BWI) https://www.facebook.com/honorflightbwi/

(IAD) https://heroeswelcomeiad.com/


Thank you for supporting Honor Flight!