Hub Reference

This page is a quick-reference guide for the local hub leaders that are planning trips into DCA!

Please start here with updated information from Headquarters

DCA HF Volunteers welcomed 160+ Flights and more than 11,500 Veterans in 2016 — we are excited to work with you to make a special experience for our Heroes

  • Register your flight with National to let us know that you’re coming!!
  • Email <> if you would like to request DC-based guardians or military personnel (advance notice required)
  • Email <> if you would like to request DC-based tour guides (advance notice required)
  • Email <> with any misc. questions you may have!
    • We have limited suggestions for wheelchairs, water, oxygen, lunch, florists, hotels, musicians, etc. but do not provide any of those things ourselves!
  • Direct all requests for Gate Passes to our website <> or email with other questions <>
  • Like our Facebook Page <> for updates on our volunteers!
  • Join us for a wonderful day in DC to celebrate your Veterans and all your hard work!