Terminal 2 Concourse D and E arrivals

Terminal 2 Arrivals for Concourse C (formerly known as Terminal C)

Terminal 2 Airlines:  American Airlines

Greetings for Honor Flight hubs arriving on American Airlines will occur in Terminal 2 Concourse D and E (formerly known as Terminal C).  If driving, the closest parking garage is Terminal 2.  PLEASE NOTE: parking vouchers will not be provided by the airport this year.

Greeting at the gate:

American Airlines will issue non-escort gate passes allowing greeters to go through TSA to the arriving gate.  Please look for the “Request Gate Pass” link for the flight(s) that interest you, and fill out the form.  Requests must be made within 48 hours of the arrival date.

If your gate pass request is confirmed, additional information for picking up your gate pass will be emailed approximately 24 hours from the hub’s arrival date / time.

CLEAR members can use the CLEAR lanes with the gate pass.

Greeting outside security:

You can also greet outside security.  Due to the recent construction and relocation of the TSA security checkpoints, almost all indoor space in Terminal C is behind security.  The best place to greet an arriving hub on American Airlines is outside on the lower level Door 9.  The Veterans will only walk about 50 yards from the TSA exit to Door 9, so there is no place to line up inside the terminal.

All greeters must follow the current TSA COVID mask mandates that are in place as of flight date.  Please check www.tsa.gov for more information.