Terminal A Arrivals

Terminal A Airlines: Southwest Airlines, Sun Country, Air Canada, Frontier (sometimes Eastern Airlines)

  • Physical space at the gates is limited, and depending on other flights, may be congested. Please help to keep the corridor and gate area traffic moving freely.
  • Restrooms are located:
    • In the corridor leading from the gates (Men and Women Facilities). The corridor can be congested with other passengers, so please park wheelchairs against the wall or in the Rally Point area immediately beyond the bathrooms.
    • About 150 yards beyond the gates in the Southwest Airlines Bag Claim. (Men, Women, and Companion Facilities)
  • Suggested Rally Points prior to exiting to the buses:
    • Rally Point A is a wide space in the corridor beyond the bathrooms at the gate.
    • Rally Point B is the area near the Sun Country/Frontier/Eastern Bag Claim.
  • There are three building exits to the buses. The suggested exit is past the Sun Country/Frontier Bag Claim.