Mail Requests

Occasionally, Honor Flight will request cards to be sent to a particular veteran. We will list all current requests on this page:

Are you looking for something your kids can do over break? Keep the little angels busy with fun activities, including honoring our heroes with one of our Michigan Honor Flight hubs, Talons Out. Your children can write “Mail Call” letters to our Honor Flight veterans! We will deliver them.
A few tips:
Make the letter out to “Dear Veteran,” as we fly World War II and Korean War veterans.
Thank them for their service, for our freedoms and for our country.
These can be letters or cards.
Please do not draw violent pictures, but certainly include pictures like tanks, soldiers, US flags and other fun drawings.
Please do not date them, as we may use these over multiple flights.
(Please, no glitter – seriously)
Send your letters to:
TOHF Mail Call
7950 Moorsbridge Road, Suite 300
Portage, MI 49024

7 thoughts on “Mail Requests

  1. Would love for our Girl Scout Troop to do this. It would be great if they could provide a card to all on a particular Honor Flight.

    Wonderful program!!

  2. Hi Debi,

    We are so excited and thankful for your time and commitment to our veterans. If you check out the 2015 schedule page, you’ll see there are a lot of groups coming into the city on the dates you’ll be visiting. For anything that is TBD, that means we have not yet received official word on arrival times. Please keep checking back to our website regularly, we will post as soon as we get the word. We try to update every Friday.

    Thanks again!

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