Upcoming Trainings and Guardian Opportunities

All Guardians must receive formal training before serving an Honor Flight, be between the ages of 18 and 65, and be able to lift 100 pounds with assistance. Guardians will walk approximately 3 miles throughout the day, and will likely be required to push a wheelchair carrying a veteran. 

For the 2021 season: The DCA Ground Crew will provide a list of already trained guardians, who indicate that they still want to serve as guardians, to the hubs so the hubs can contact volunteers directly to serve as a guardian.

Check back frequently on this page for the next guardian or tour guide training session.

Next training

July 6th, Wednesday

Register using this link and you will receive a Zoom link ahead of the session.

19 thoughts on “Upcoming Trainings and Guardian Opportunities

  1. I would love the opportunity to be a guardian. May I please have more info on the training. Thank you Will Santiago

  2. I am a retired nurse who is in very good health and condition. My father was a WW11 vet and I would be honored to serve as a volunteer guardian. I am willing to go anywhere in the US for training.

  3. When is the next guardian training event in DC? I’d like to get started on this by spring or sooner if possible.

  4. Hi Karen, We train guardians here in the DC area. If you are interested in getting involved in your local area — reach out to your Honor Flight hub to volunteer to be a guardian!

  5. I am Active Duty Army and work at the Pentagon. I would like to be a Guardian. When is the next training for this? Thank you!

  6. I would love to be a Guardian but I still do not see any upcoming trainings in this area. Are there trainings scheduled? Thank you!

  7. We are always adding new training sessions — we just completed 3 in the last month, so it may be a few weeks. Please subscribe to our email list to see te new opportunities when they are available!

  8. When will the training sessions for fall be coming out for the D.C. area ? How do I sign up for updates on the schedule ? Thank you ! I was on a run in DC this weekend and came across your group of Honor Vets and it was beautiful 🙂

  9. I am Active Duty, Please send me info on up coming guardian opportunities I live in VA 30 miles S of DCA and would like to be a guardian.

  10. Anthony,

    We received the comment you left on our website — please keep an eye on this page and our email list for upcoming guardian trainings. Once you have been trained, you’ll be added to the email list for other opportunities to serve as a guardian!


  11. I am very interested in being a guardian – I have previous service at the Korean War Memorial.

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