Meet Our Volunteers


Why volunteer? Anthony L. does to give back to the men and women who served, in his own small way, and as a way of reaching out to that generation and let them know they are appreciated.

Learn more about greeting our veterans here.

Hometown: New England

Military Connection: Father was a Korean War Veteran

# of Honor Flights Greeted: 4 years’ worth!

How you Heard About Honor Flight: I saw it happening at the airport several times before I decided that I wanted to get involved

Reason for Volunteering: To give back to the men and women who served in my own small way and as a way of reaching out to that generation, however briefly, and let them know they are appreciated.


Is your company looking for ways to give back to the community? Deloitte is just one of many, who give back by welcoming our Veterans to D.C.  Interested in joining? Details can be found here. A little bit more information about Deloitte’s HF Outreach coordinators, Francine and Adam: 

Hometown: San Jose, CA and Sandusky, OH

Military Connection: Former Navy and Former Air Force

# of Honor Flights Greeted: Second year greeting with Deloitte as well as prior to that, so 20+ and counting.

How you Heard About Honor Flight: Supported Honor Flight welcomes while on Active Duty and found out Deloitte also supported events through a Veteran’s Group

Reason for Volunteering: Pay tribute to the men and women who made great sacrifices to defend our freedoms



The expressions on the veterans, and just as significantly, the tears and smiles of their family members in seeing the welcome was amazing. I overheard one Korean War veteran say to his guardian as he was wheeled past me: “This makes me feel like I’m somebody important”. That was enough to make the morning more than worthwhile.” – Sunil K.  Pictured below with his son, Khalin. Sign Up Here!

Hometown: Reston, VA

# of Honor Flights Greeted: This was our first experience, and we both found it quite moving.

How you Heard About Honor Flight: Khalin is currently a freshman in South Lakes, and heard about the honor flight through the band. He was interested in volunteering, so we went.

Reason for Volunteering: We have toured Pearl Harbor and walked the beaches of Normandy and been blown away by the power of those places and the emotions they stirred. This stirred emotions along a different vein, but very much as powerful. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.