Military Personnel

For the 2021 season, we will not be coordinating any military personnel for greetings, guardians, or tour guides. Individuals may participate independently after consulting our 2021 season requirements. The following information is relevant to past Honor Flight seasons and should be used for past reference only.

Military Personnel in uniform receive priority placement at the gate.  Military Personnel are permitted on the jetway during greetings to assist Veterans in wheelchairs off the plane.  Wear the uniform of your choice (seek command approval if in doubt), however – if you are going to serve as a Guardian or a Floater, please do NOT wear utilities or camouflage, as this is considered inappropriate at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

If all or part of your unit wants to participate in airport greetings or to volunteer as Floaters or Guardians, please email the following individuals:

For group Gate Access Passes (GAPs): Jenny <>

For Guardian Training: Laura <>

For any additional questions: DCA Honor Flight <>

Military Guardian/Escort or Floater support is the greatest honor a military member can provide to our fellow Veterans – What a perfect manner in which to thank those veterans who have gone before us for the liberties and freedoms we so enjoy today. Guardian duty consist of spending the day with a Veteran helping them as they walk (or pushing their wheelchair) to navigate the various memorials being visited. As you can imagine this generation of heroes is getting older and they have a long day from the time of their departure to their return home. In most cases, they are very energetic, but in some instances, they require just a little tender loving care to help them make it through the day. The basics are stamina and currency in self-aid and buddy care. Volunteers are asked to be in military uniform and will meet the arriving flights at Reagan, board the bus to spend the day with the Veterans and then return to Reagan for the departure of the visiting Honor Flight hub. It is a magnificent way in which to spend a day! Hope to see you and your fellow co-workers on a future opportunity.

**Please note that not all Honor Flight groups request guardians or military support from our team in DC. When we do, the requests are typically for 1-5 people, not a large group. Please contact us at the emails above to find out about the next available opportunities. **

2 thoughts on “Military Personnel

  1. Good morning,

    I am an active duty Coast Guard Officer stationed in the Washington D.C. area. Please add me to your email distribution list so that I can inform / promote / organize members from my unit to volunteer for Honor Flights. I have done several in the past, and would love the opportunity to promote this amazing opportunity for others to serve as well.
    M email address is below.
    Thank you!
    Ryan Coffin, ENS

  2. Thanks, Ryan! We’ve added you to our list and are excited to have you join us at our greetings. If any of your friends would also like to be added, please have them visit!

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