Greeting at the Airport: Gate Access Passes

Greeting at the gate inside security – non-escort gate passes are provided at the discretion of airlines.  Therefore, gate passes will not be available for all flight arrivals and / or departures.  In order to determine if gate passes are available for a particular flight, go to the scheduling page and look for “request a GAP here” link associated with the flight you wish to greet.

If gate passes are available, fill out the form for the flight name / date / time to request a gate pass, keeping in mind that due to circumstances beyond Honor Flight’s control, gate passes are never guaranteed.  The request form will typically close down 48 hours prior to the arrival date.

A gate pass must be filled out for everyone,  even minors and babes-in-arms (they won’t have to show ID, however).  Once you fill out the form, you will be notified approximately 36 hours before the flight with a confirmation and details related to that flight greeting (where to pick up gate passes, gate information) and parking options.  Keep in mind if requesting a gate pass, you will need to arrive at the airport at least one to one and a half-hour prior to the flight arrival to clear security.  Total time commitment for a greeting inside security – 3 to 4 hours. CLEAR members can use the CLEAR lanes to pass through TSA with their gate pass (upon presentation of your active CLEAR card).

A gate pass allows greeters to be at the gate upon arrival.  While at the gate, please keep an open and clear walkway for the Veterans, and follow the instructions of the DCA Terminal Support Crew in bright yellow shirts to maintain a clear footpath for Veterans.  As the Veterans come off the jet-bridge and travel down the concourse to the buses, you are welcome to follow them and stay to wave them off after they have loaded their buses.

For additional information specific to greetings held at each Terminal, visit the “Airport Greetings and Support” tab.

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