Terminal Support Crew

Terminal Support Crew – Finding that you’d like to do more than greet?  Here’s an opportunity to get even more involved.  The Terminal Support Crew (“Yellow Shirt” Ground Crew) are a group of dedicated volunteers who make themselves available for both arrivals and departures of Honor Flight hubs through the terminals. 

This is the crew who meets them at the gate and are stationed throughout the terminal directing them to their waiting buses.  While they are certainly part of the greeting process, their primary duty and responsibility is to ensure the safe and efficient movement of the hub’s veterans from the gate, through the airport, to their waiting buses the mornings of their arrival.  Likewise, when the hub returns to the airport for departure in the evening, volunteers are needed to assist in reversing the process.  They are scheduled and assigned duties by the Terminal Support Crew Lead at various positions such as along the passageways, at escalators and elevators, at security checkpoints, pointing out restrooms and seeing them onto their buses.   They may also assist in ensuring greeters are in appropriate locations so as to be visible but not to impede the veteran’s path. 

Serving as Terminal Support Crew can be a very rewarding experience but it also carries with it a commitment.  Generally, about 7-8 volunteers are needed for each arrival and departure, somewhat less for Terminal 1.  Since there are several flights a week throughout the season, a cadre of volunteers is needed to ensure availability to accommodate both weekdays and weekends, arrivals and departures, flights at different terminals at the same time. 

If you believe you are interested in becoming part of the Terminal Support Crew, your commitment and participation would be very welcomed.  Please fill out this short form and someone will be in touch.  DCA Terminal Support Crew