Volunteer Hours

If you need verification of your hours for work, school, or religious credits, please let us know, and we can certify your hours. We are so happy that you chose to spend your time with us! Ask either the lead volunteer for a greeting or someone wearing a bright yellow Honor Flight t-shirt to sign whatever you need to verify your volunteer hours.

PLEASE NOTE: We will ONLY certify hours DURING the event. We do not certify hours or participation after the event has passed — there are too many volunteers to keep track of. No exceptions will be made.

Depending on the requirements from your side, your gate access pass (GAP) could also serve as verification of 2 or 3 hours service, depending on the day or flight.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Hours

  1. Are there any Honor Flights In California. Looking for something in the Palm Springs, Ca. or
    Ontario,California, Where I can Volunteer. I want to thank the Columbia,Mo. Group For what
    you guys are doing.

    I have a brother in law on the Honor Flight Today October 8, 2014, he is a Vietnam Veteran
    his name is Gene Ulrich…

    God Bless You All.

  2. Jack- yes, there are! You can search the internet for your area and Honor Flight and your local hub chapter should pop up, along with information about how to get involved in the states.

    Thank you for your interest and support!

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