DC-based trained guardians

Did you know that Honor Flight Network, thanks to the DCA Ground Crew Guardian Coordinator, has over 100 trained volunteers based in the DC area available to meet you at all three airports or hotels (or your first stop on bus trips) to serve as guardians, floaters, or military ride-alongs on your trip? 

The benefits of using a DC-based guardian allows your hub to bring more Veterans on your flights, and then pair a Veteran with the DC-based guardian upon arrival in DC.  The DC-based guardian stays with his/her assigned Vet throughout the entire day/trip until returning back to the airport or leaving town on your bus ride home.  Many of our trained guardians have assisted numerous flights, so they understand the importance of safety to help ensure no one trips, gets lost or misses roll call. 

Our trained guardians can also serve as floaters – extra volunteers  (not assigned to a Veteran) who execute specific duties (wheelchairs, stairs, passing out meals and collecting trash) and serve as an extra set of eyes looking out for all your Veterans’ safety.   They interact with all Veterans. 

These DC-based guardians are volunteers, and serve at your direction.  We only request that you include these guardians in your meal counts.   While they have received the basic safety training, you can also require them to attend your ZOOM guardian trainings or review your guardian materials. 

Thanks for considering our trained DC-based guardians on your next trip.  NOTE: Checking “YES” to the question “Do you need DC guardians” does not automatically trigger a request from Honor Flight Network to secure DC-based guardians.  To receive a list of trained guardians ready to serve you, or for any additional questions about the DC-based guardian program, please email Jenny Brawley at jbrawley@honorflight.org