Thank you for your interest in Honor Flights!  There are many volunteer opportunities for those residing in the greater DC area.   With over 250 anticipated Honor Flights arriving at one of the three DC area airports (BWI, DCA and IAD), there is something suitable for everyone. 

Volunteers at the three airports do not need to be vaccinated against COVID, but all volunteers are expected to adhere to applicable COVID guidelines set forth by TSA, bus companies, and state or local municipalities. 

The principal DC-based volunteer opportunities with Honor Flight Network are:

  • Greeter
  • Airport Support Crew
  • Back End Ground Crew Operations
  • Guardian
  • Tour Guide


The Veterans LOVE to see your show of support as a greeter!  Whether at the airport for the arrival, or at a Memorial stop along the way, greeters set the tone to show the Veterans that their service and sacrifices are appreciated and acknowledged. 

Greeters are not required to be vaccinated but must adhere to the TSA mask requirements inside the airport and other local/state COVID guidelines.  Also, greeters are asked to please maintain social distancing from the Veterans.  For more information on volunteering as a greeter at the airport or Memorials, https://honorflightdca.com/volunteering/greeting/ 

Terminal Support Crew – finding that you’d like to do more than greet?  Here’s an opportunity for you to get more involved! Each airport has a group of dedicated volunteers who are available for the arrivals and/or departures to assist the Honor Flight hubs through the airport.  As a volunteer, you will be scheduled to assist the Terminal Support Crew Lead with specific duties to help the hub travel safely and efficiently through the airport. 

For more information on becoming a volunteer with the DCA Ground Crew, please click here.

Back End Ground Crew – Can’t make it to the airport but would still like to help?  The DCA Ground Crew Coordinator  is always looking for time and talent that does not require airport duties.  If interested, please email dca.hf.coordinator@gmail.com

Guardian – in order to ensure the Veterans’ safety and enjoyment of their day of honor, Veterans are assigned a guardian. Many hubs bring their own guardians, but some hubs rely on DC-based guardians, who meet them as they arrive at one of the three airports.

All DC-based guardians must receive formal training before serving an Honor Flight.  DC-based guardians are typically provided meals, water, and validated parking at the airport.  Guardians can specify which airports they can serve.  Some hub travel by bus and will ask guardians to meet them at their first stop in DC.

Requirements for being a DC-based guardian:  be physically fit and able to push a wheelchair throughout the day, lift 100 pounds and commit to the entire day (weekday or weekend). Guardians must adhere to the hub’s Special Health Protocols, mask requirements at the airport and on the bus.

For more information on becoming a trained DC-based guardian able to serve at any of the three airports click here https://honorflightdca.com/volunteering/guardians-2/ 

Tour Guides – many hubs like to have a DC-based Honor Flight volunteer tour guide who can enhance the Veterans’ experience with historical significance and information about the war memorials and other stops along the way.  Tour guides will meet their hubs at one of the three airports (based on tour guide’s preferences).  For more information on becoming an Honor Flight tour guide, [https://honorflightdca.com/volunteering/tourguides/]. 


23 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. My Dad was s WWII Veteran and I was a Military Brat that later also married a military man…, I am always interested in helping out our Heros

  2. I am a retired Marine whose lives in Northern Virginia. A friend (also a retired Marine living in Northern Virginia) and I would like to volunteer as escorts while the Honor Flight honorees are in our area. Is there a way to do that?

  3. My grandfather was a wwll vet father nam I’m a vet my self army.would like to volunteer I live in nyc

  4. As the daughter of a WW2 Marine, sister of an Army Paratrooper and wife of a Navy vet, it would be an honor to welcome our Heros home.

  5. Look forward to volunteering with your organization and supporting our vets! An Air Force retiree and empty nester looking for an opportunity to again serve

  6. Look forward to volunteering and supporting our vets! I’m retired Air Force in DC area looking for opportunity to again serve

  7. Would love to volunteer as a greeter..and photographer…..second generation Navy kid.
    What is the parking situation at national these days? Also any advice on wardrobe?

  8. Could you please send me information on being a guardian and floater? I am interested in helping in anyway needed.
    Thank you

  9. Very interested in volunteering! My father and Father-in-law were vets and my husband is still serving. signing up to start greeting!
    Karen Murphy

  10. My son is active duty Navy
    My father(deceased)and father-in -law (living) were WWII vets. My husband and I would be honored to help in any way. We were pleasantly surprised to witness an arrival of a honor flight as we were traveling to our son’s change of command. Would feel previledged to participate.

  11. Would love to get information on buses out of VA to meet the veterans at the bus where they depart to head to DC. I believe I could get together some women motorcycle riders to greet them as they board.

  12. I just participated in my first Honor Flight today by greeting my grandfather (a Korean War vet) and 186 other vets from Mid-Michigan at the gate, and tagged along for the rest of the day as he saw the memorials and Changing of the Guard at Arlington. My husband, also a veteran, and 8 year old son came along, too! It was a great experience.
    I would love to do this again, and would also like to know if I could serve our veterans in any nursing capacity (I’m a Registered Nurse).
    What a wonderful program!!!

  13. I am the leader of a Troop of Girl Scouts, I am also the Service Unit Manager in charge of a group of around 40 troops. I’d like to set it up to bring our Service Unit to one of these days to meet the veterans. It would most likely be a lot of Gurl Scouts. Where can I get information to sign up a big group?

  14. Hi Genie, we would welcome the Scouts! If you click under the navigation panel “volunteer”, you’ll see information about how to sign up a larger group.

  15. Hello, I am the volunteer coordinator for Honor Flight Austin. If you are interested in assisting our HUB as a guardian or floater, please contact 408-640-0329. Thank you. – Randy

    Semper Fi

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