Friendly Reminder —

Good morning, Honor Flight Volunteers!

For those who may be new to Honor Flight, here are a few of the basics:
1-The flight information in our emails and on the wordpress website contains all the information we have on any given flight. If a flight has an ETA of 10 AM, AND you want to go through TSA security to meet the veterans at their arrival gate, you should arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before the ETA to allow yourself enough time to get to the gate. If you are not going through TSA security, just arrive by the ETA time.
2-All you need to do is pick a flight you can greet, request a GAP if you want one, and come to the airport to welcome the veterans.
3-If you aren’t sure how to greet the veterans, please check our Facebook page. Just do what people are doing in the pictures, or feel free to ask:
4-Clothing: You may wear whatever you like.
5-Please remember especially at the airport, for the safety of our veterans and the enjoyment of their special Tour of Honor day, to follow all instructions/directions from the Airline, Airport and TSA Employees, and the USO/HFDCA Team Leaders. Keep a wide walkway clear and open for the veterans and guardians to walk. I know that no one wants to trip a veteran, so please be attentive to your surroundings.
6-We especially need volunteers to direct and assist the veterans near the elevators. No GAPs are needed to serve in this most important capacity.
7- You will be given specific instructions–through the email address you provided when you signed up for a GAP–for picking up your GAP the day before the flight arrives. For planning purposes, please note that for some airlines and flights, GAPs will NOT be distributed after 30 minutes prior to the estimated time of arrival of the flight. For US Airways flights- when there are two or more flights arriving ON THE SAME MORNING, GAPs will only be distributed up to 30 minutes before the FIRST US Airways Honor Flight that day. For GAP questions you may contact Jenny at

Thank you for your participation and for bringing your family, coworkers, and friends to welcome the veterans! This could not be done without you, and the veterans often report back that this was their favorite part of the whole trip!

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