NEEDED: Volunteers and Tour Guides!

Our spring season is back in full swing — we are SO excited to have our Veterans back in DC!


We need your help to give these Veterans the hero’s welcome they deserve! All are welcome–your group is welcome, you are welcome as an individual–please come anytime–as often as you can! We greet more than 100 flights a year at Reagan National Airport and even more groups at the World War II Memorial each year. Please check out our schedule to find a flight date that works for you!


We are also looking for people to step up to be bus guides for the out-of-town hubs that come through DCA. In this volunteer role, you would ride around on the buses with the Veterans all day, and provide geographic and historic information about the locations the buses pass during the Veterans’ trip. Please email if you are interested in getting more information about becoming a tour guide! We have opportunities as soon as late April!

2 thoughts on “NEEDED: Volunteers and Tour Guides!

  1. I am pretty good at playing tour guide. I am aged out as a guardian, though.

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