Support Honor Flight – the film!

A note from the producers of Honor Flight — please take a minute to check it out!

Five million views on Honor Flight’s online videos. Five months as the top rated DVD on Amazon. The largest film screening ever. This stuff blows our mind.


You guys really are the best fans in the world. And we want to tell everyone about it. So we submitted an application to tell the story of the Honor Flight community and all your incredible achievements at the next South by Southwest Festival. This is perhaps the nation’s most influential film and technology conference.


And guess what? Selection is based on votes from the public.  Will you take 2 minutes to vote for Honor Flight? Here’s how:


1.     Click HERE and create an account.

2.     You’ll get a confirmation email with a link. Click the link and login with your new account.

3.     Once you’re logged in, click HERE.

4.     Then click the thumbs up button. (It will turn green to confirm your vote has been received.)


We’ve seen what amazing things happen when new audiences of influential people hear about the Honor Flight cause. Consider that one screening in Florida led to a partnership with Breitling watches that raised over $750,000 for Honor Flight chapters around the country. What could happen if we take the Honor Flight story to one of the largest stages in the country at the South by Southwest Festival?
Let’s find out!


Clay Broga

Producer, Honor Flight





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