Honor Flight DCA Ground Crew Sweatshirts

Many people have asked about the crewneck yellow sweatshirts. We can order another batch this fall/winter but each volunteer will be responsible for covering the cost of the sweatshirt – $20. We will collect payment before placing the final order (PayPal or Venmo) and then arrange a couple of dates and times to hand out the sweatshirts that were ordered.

We cannot order until at least 24 people express interest (the smallest batch we can get) and then delivery and printing will take an additional 3-5 weeks to receive the shirts. We will keep you up to date with the timeline as we learn more!


Please go to this link to fill out a form if you are serious about purchasing a sweatshirt and we will get them ordered!



3 thoughts on “Honor Flight DCA Ground Crew Sweatshirts

  1. I’d love to purchase an Honor Flight DCA Ground Crew Sweatshirt! I just filled out the form, but now realize that I assumed that the sizes were for men, and therefore I noted I wanted a Small! Is that accurate? Or do they correspond in any way with Women’s sizes?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for responding; however, I’m still not sure what size that would mean for me? I suppose I will just make a guess and keep my fingers crossed!

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