Oh, Say! Can You See?!

Do you like to sing, play instruments, or dance?

We need YOU to join us at Honor Flight arrival greetings this spring at DCA!

No matter if you are an amateur or a professional, we need your help to welcome our Veterans to DC on their Honor Flights. The entertainment adds so much to the airport atmosphere when they arrive — it truly is a wonderful way to start the day!

Do you have a talent you can share? Are you available for one of our spring flights <HonorFlightDCA.com/schedule>?

Please contact Patricia <pharris581@aol.com> to find out more!


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One thought on “Oh, Say! Can You See?!

  1. If I sang, people would run away. I will, however, see y’all on 20 Apr for the OK/AL HF. I have also connected with HF of CentFL and will be riding with them as a vet and as a tour guide.

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