NCIS TV Show to Cast Primetime Spotlight on Honor Flight

Anyone who’s ever flown, or knows anyone who’s flown, with an Honor Flight hub has undoubtedly experienced the life-altering sense of pride and gratitude we all share for the service of our senior war heroes. On Tuesday, March 28, at 8 p.m. EST, viewers of CBS-TV’s top-rated primetime drama, NCIS, will get a glimpse into our world, and the remarkable men and women we are honored to serve.


NCIS writer Gina Lucita Monreal found her inspiration for the episode in her grandfather-in-law’s Honor Flight experience, and the renewed sense of pride and purpose with which he returned home after his day of honor in Washington, D.C. While the episode’s storyline is fictional, the deep and meaningful connections established among travelling veterans, and the passion of Honor Flight’s volunteers, shine through true and clear.


This unprecedented nationwide exposure provides each of us with an invaluable opportunity to move closer to our shared goal of personally thanking every WWII, Korean and Vietnam war veteran with his or her long-overdue day of honor. We can use it as a catalyst for reaching local veterans who’ve yet to fly with Honor Flight, encouraging the crucial financial and volunteer support needed to further our mission, and forging new relationships that will enable us to honor veterans now and long into the future.


We urge you to tune in to this special episode of NCIS on March 28, and encourage your friends, family, business associates and community connections to do the same.



*Photo credit for Honor Flight photo: VIP Photography

10 thoughts on “NCIS TV Show to Cast Primetime Spotlight on Honor Flight

  1. Thank you NCIS for bringing this great organization recognition. My dad, a WWII veteran served our great country on PT Boat 495. He had the pleasure to go with Honor Flight Chicago in October 2104 at the age of 89. We lost our dad in April 2015, age 90, and he never stopped talking about his experience with Honor Flight. It was one of his greatest joys in life and we will never forget the happiness this brought him and us.

  2. Yeah! I will be watching. Love NCIS and that they are including the Honor Flight. Our veterans deserve it.

  3. Looking forward to this Show..!! and a Special thanks for all the People Responsible..!!

  4. You bet! My husband will be on board—love NCIS for so many years. So many in our family is MILITARY connected and so happy to be an American of this United States of America. We have a special time honoring the men an women coming back from Washington with the Honor Flight at the airport in Biloxi, Ms., they all deserve it.

  5. Can’t wait to see this episode bringing recognition to and providing visibility for Honor Flight.

    Hopefully this will inspire more Veterans to apply for a “Free” flight!

    If you live in the 10 County Tampa Bay vicinity, please contact Honor Flight West Central Florida:

    Facebook search: Honor Flight West Central Florida

  6. I am looking forward to my flight on June 10, 2017. There isn’t a day that goes buy that I don’t think about the time I served in Viet Nam and the guys I served with. Our service was not appreciated back then as it is now, and I am truly grateful that things have changed and for the opportunity to take the Honor Flight.

  7. Thank you NCIS and everyone involved in spotlighting the Honor Flight. My uncle was fortunate enough to go on one of these flights and talked about how much he loved and appreciated going on the trip.

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