Honor Flight suspension extended through June 30

A note from the National Honor Flight Board

HFN Flight Suspension Extension:  Based on current federal and state guidelines, the HFN mandatory flight suspension has been extended through June 30.  Currently, Maryland’s stay home order is “indefinite” in duration and Virginia’s stay home order runs through at least June 10.  Also, Arlington National Cemetery remains closed to the public and there is no date certain upon which ANC will reopen to the public and/or resume public viewing of the changing of the guard.  We are continuing to monitor the federal and DC area orders very closely and will keep you all updated.  The Honor Flight Board will meet again on May 13th to further discuss this matter and determine if any further suspensions are necessary under the circumstances at that time.

Stay safe!

One thought on “Honor Flight suspension extended through June 30

  1. With the cancellation of HF can we email vets to keep up the contact and share our virtual appreciation. Realize there are privacy issues. Maybe we could all submit and you send out even to random recipients. Thanks for all you do to honor our heroes. My parents were both Marines, husband career Army, son AF, and brother Navy. Our comfort even in these challenges is due in great part to the contributions of our vets.

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