3 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. I was at Reagan yesterday to meet the Honor Flight (American Airlines) from Ft. Worth that arrived around 10am.

    No one at American Airlines was aware of any vets coming in or any need for a gate pass, but they were nice enough to issue a gate pass for my friend and me.

    I had gone online to your website at least two weeks ago and responded with my name and my friend’s name – along with whatever information you required – to secure a gate pass.

    What happened? There was also no one at the gate when we got there except for Andy, who plays the English Horn. The American Airlines people there also didn’t know anything about vets arriving on that flight so I asked them to make an announcement. There were some TSA people who showed up and but I could find no volunteer/Honor Flight Coordinator.

    When I asked about getting a parking pass, the gentleman I spoke to said he was told there was no need for any. He said he asked a week or so ago and when he was told there was no need, didn’t pursue getting any.

    What happened?????

    Gail Nittle

  2. Hi Gail,

    First off, thank you for volunteering to support our veterans. I’m sorry the situation was confusing and ran into issues. Each individual airline determines if gate passes will be issued. Not all flights are issued gate passes. For that flight there where about a dozens volunteer greeters outside of security to welcome our heroes. Parking vouchers where available for those greeters. Unfortunately some volunteers are missed. Please join us again, the mission is all about the veterans.

    Thank you for your willingness to support our Heroes
    Honor Flight DCA Crew Ground

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