Changes to DCA airport and impacts on greeting veterans

Reminders and updates for navigating DCA airport, greeting, and Real ID if greeting inside of security and requesting a Gate Access Pass.

Construction: DCA is undergoing a major construction project to build a new terminal. The project affects Terminals B and C and closes down and/or restricts certain parts of the airport. While Terminal A is not undergoing construction directly, traffic and traveler pickups will have rippling affects. Subscribe to construction advisories to stay abreast. 
Key Points:
Terminal A: Not directly effected.
Terminal B: No change from last year. Veterans will use Terminal B/C elevators and exit and reenter on Level 3 Door 1 on the departure platform (see airport map).
Terminal C: NEW CHANGES this year. Veterans will use Terminal B/C elevators, which are a different set of elevators from what we used last year and the same set that Terminal B uses (we used the elevators by the metro hallway). This means Terminal C arrivals will have a farther distance to travel through the airport if they need to use elevators. It also means Terminal B and Terminal C arrivals will have to share and be patient. It is up to the hub if they will allow their veterans to take the escalators. Once taking the Terminal B/C elevators up to Level 3, hubs flying with American Airlines will still exit Door 6 on the departure platform where the buses will be staged (see airport map). As always we will try to help guide the veterans and their guardians and hub staff through the airport. This will be their first season experiencing these new changes so they will undoubtedly ask us questions. Please remember any of this can change so please make sure to listen to airport officials if they provide different directions. 

Real ID:
 Goes into effect 1 October 2020 so if you want to go through security, you’ll need to make sure you have a Real ID license or other approved documentation. Visit the VA DMV website to find out more. 

Upcoming tour guide training opportunity

Tour Guide Information Session Sign up HERE
Date: Saturday, January 18th
Time: 10:00AM (will last approximately 1.5 hours)
Where: Ronald Reagan National Airport Terminal A Conference Room. Tour Guide trainer Lauren will stand outside the conference room wearing a bright neon yellow shirt.
Note: This session will be capped at 40 people.

NEW Memorial Schedule list

An additional feature we are proud to present in an ongoing list of all Memorial greeting opportunities. While this website’s purpose is to share DCA arrivals and schedules, many hubs fly in and out of neighboring airports (BWI and IAD). In order to best serve our veterans and recruit the most volunteers, we’ve added a special link to the Memorial page which will list out all Honor Flight scheduled visits to WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. This includes DCA, BWI, and IAD arriving hubs. This report will be produced weekly and cover the following 14 calendar days.

Click here to be redirected to the Memorial Greetings page to see all the Honor Flight memorial schedules based on date and memorial. 

As always, this information is subject to change and modification without notice. Airline delays, downtown activities, and a constantly evolving schedules mean our hubs (and volunteers) must be flexible. We hope you find this report valuable and another opportunity to greet all our veterans in downtown DC!

DCA construction

The DCA airport (National) is undergoing some serious construction as part of a $163.5 million, two year project. We want to make sure all our volunteers leave plenty of time to navigate the temporary paths, parking, and walkways so no one misses greeting a vet!

Please allow extra time in your journey through DCA. Things we’ve noticed:

  • Garage spaces limited/closed
  • Very heavy traffic and lane closures
  • Construction around new security area
  • Upper level for staging buses for pick up and drop off
  • feel free to comment below if you have tips to share with fellow volunteers!

Subscribe to DCA for regular updates.

Second-oldest Pearl Harbor survivor, Jim Downing, dies at 104

Honor Flight community, we celebrate the life of Pearl Harbor survivor Jim Downing, who passed on Friday, February 16th. Many of our volunteers were able to meet and greet Jim when he visited DC and the WWII Memorial last year. You can read more about Jim’s extraordinary life below. We honor his life and service.

Last Honor Flight of 2017!


December 9, Saturday

  • GROUP: annual Snowball Express, a program which sends children of fallen soldiers to Dallas, TX for a long weekend. This program honors their families as well as gives kids the opportunity to disconnect and have fun. The theme this year is Disney’s “Frozen”
  • NOTE this is not an official Honor Flight, but opportunity to honor those affected by war and their families.
  • DEPARTURE: 8:50am, American Airlines (Terminal C)