Special arrival: 2 veterans from Doolittle’s Raiders

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Special greeting!
Two of the last survivors of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders will be flying in for the American Veteran Center Conference on Wednesday, Nov 5th.
They will arrive on separate flights:
1 arrival Delta 1938 6:05 pm and 1 arrival Delta 2364 at 9:04 pm

NOTE this is not an official Honor Flight, but would still love for you to join us to greet our veterans outside of security

Delta airlines has authorized GAPs and parking Wednesday evening for this arrival. Present official ID at the Delta counter to obtain a gate pass. Christian Huynhcung, Delta representative will have parking vouchers, limited to the first 50. The latest GAPs will be available is 7:30pm for the 9:05pm arrival.

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