Special Honor Flight for a 110 year-old veteran

Austin Honor Flight is bringing in a 110 year-old veteran on Sunday 12/6-Tuesday through Tuesday 12/8.  They arrive Sunday on Southwest at 1:55 pm, DCA and depart the 8th at 3:55 pm. Join us OUTSIDE security at Terminal A

We’d like to get a big group out to welcome Mr. Frank Levingston, http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/frank-levingston-americas-oldest-veteran-109-says-hes-blessed-n461486

Mr. Levingston lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  He was born in 1905 and enlisted in 1942.  He served as a private during the war in the Naples-Foggia Campaign in Italy.

If you are able to greet and honor Mr. Levingston in any capacity, the Monday (12/7) schedule is below!

  • 9:30AM — Arrive at Arlington National Cemetery Gate
  • 10:00AM — Changing of the Guard
  • 10:15AM — Wreath Laying Ceremony
  • 11:00AM – 12:30PM — Lunch
  • 1:15PM — WWII Memorial (Ceremony begins at 1:53 PM)
  • 3:00PM — 4:00PM MLK / Lincoln / Vietnam Wall / Korean Memorial

11 thoughts on “Special Honor Flight for a 110 year-old veteran

  1. This is indeed a VERY SPECIAL HONOR and would like to participate but would I be able to park as usual and have our parking ticket validated.

    Daisy Morgan

    USN (RET)

  2. Hi Danielle – I just wanted to confirm the dates since you indicate that they’re arriving on Sunday, 12/5, but that is actually Saturday.

  3. The schedule listing for Sunday 9;30 Arrive Arlington National … SHOULD BE MONDAY???????????NOT SUNDAY – CORRECT???????????

  4. Hello HonorFlightDCa

    Glad to assit and honored on Sunday December 5th at DCA -1:55pm. Please advice meeting point.

    Raul Alferez

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